QUIZ on Friday August 28th

Dear Members and Supporters and Twin Towners
¡Saludos a todos!
We hope everyone is keeping well and finding ways to manage in these continuing extraordinary times.
Huge thanks to all those who joined in the last Quiz on 17 July.  An amazing £606.34 was raised and the proceeds have already been sent to our two charities in León.
The Oxford León Association is holding another fun fundraising Quiz on Zoom at 7.45 for 8 pm on Friday 28 August.  Once again the Quiz Maestra will be our lovely, knowledgeable Jan Marshall, and Mine Host will be the avuncular John Tanner!  Do come and join us!
Our aim is to have an enjoyable evening while raising funds for the two charities that we support in León.  The first two photos attached show tanks to harvest rainwater for the community of Agua Fria on the slopes of the Telica volcano, built by Nuevas Esperanzas, which has been very impactful for the community.  The next three photos are from Nicaragua Education, Culture and Arts Trust, (NECAT) showing food supplies and face masks and hand sanitizer being distributed to the families in Sutiaba, a poor district of León, and a boy reading a letter from the children of Pegasus School, Oxford, which now has a link with NECAT!  It is very interesting to have a look at the wonderful work that these charities do on their websites/Facebook pages.
There will be no prizes and no entry fees, only the Kudos of being the Winner!  Last time the team from Ramallah won, can you challenge them?!  But as this is a Fundraiser, for our charities Nuevas Esperanzas and NECAT, we hope you will be happy to make a donation.
       Details about joining the Quiz on Zoom will be sent nearer the time.  You can take part singly or with othersThere will be 5 rounds with 5 questions in each round, on various themes             with an international flavour including one picture round – no questions on Oxford this time to give those from further afield a fair chance!  We estimate that it will take about an hour.            Do get comfortable in your box with your beer/wine/smoothie/tea and nibbles!  The doors will open at 7.45 to have a bit of a chat before getting down to the Quiz!
        Do make a note in your diary and join us for the Quiz on Friday 28 August at 7.45 for 8 pm and it would be really great to see friends from Oxford’s other Twin Links!  Do pass on to any          of your friends that enjoy a Quiz!
        In the meantime, here is a teaser to get you thinking! The answer will be revealed at the Quiz: There are five countries in the world whose English names, when written as block                        capitals,   contain no “closed” letters. By “closed” letters we mean ones with an area that could be coloured in eg A and O, whereas E, I and U are all “open”.  NICARAGUA would not                  count because A and R contain parts that could be coloured in and so are “closed” letters. See if you can think of these five countries. A clue is they are all in different continents!
        Stay safe and well and connected!
Best wishes
Jenny Houston
Secretary OLAT

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