Quiz on November 6

As we’re heading into the next lockdown, OLAT is hosting another online quiz night to lift the spirits and raise funds for Leon!

Our charities Nuevas Esperanzas (clean water and agroecology) and Nicaragua Education, Culture and Arts Trust (NECAT), providing educational and social support to impoverished families, have been very grateful for the funds raised at the last Quiz, which has bought essential supplies.  Life was already hard in Nicaragua, but Covid has made things worse and we want to keep supporting them. 

Our Quiz Maestro and Host is again the inimitable Mr John Tanner, and Our Quiz Maestra is again the lovely and knowledgeable Jan Marshall, thanks for writing the Quiz Jan!  
There will be five rounds of five questions each, the Quiz will take about an hour and answers given as we go along.  At the last Quiz a team from Benson won – can you compete with them?

There will be no prizes and no entry fees, only the kudos of winning!  We hope that you will be able to make a donation to OLAT at:

email Jen Houston for the Zoom address.

jen_houston [at] hotmail [dot] com

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